Say Goodbye to the mixing and blending, here are the pre-mixed Paint Driers with guaranteed performance that are 100% Lead free and are Low-VOC.

These lead free paint driers will reduce your large inventories. Also, this will help to reduce errors and reduce number of variables too.

We have various types of Combination driers which are well researched and selectively designed for many purposes, especially for white shades and color shades.

Due to the poisonous element in paints, Lead has been banned in many parts of world, as per the new government rules these are 100% Lead free paint driers, which have solid contents 85-90% and with Low-VOC content 15-17%.

It is completely hassle free to use, also extremely consistent with guaranteed performance.

It is not turpentine based.

It is more of quality octoates.

This Combination drier is useful for production of synthetic enamels, primer and chain-stop alkyd (MTO soluble and Xylene Soluble).

We also provide you with “Lead Free” third party certification.

Multiple sources, variable prices, large inventory Pre-mix auxiliaries, uniform prices, Small inventory
Solid Contents 15-65% Solid Contents 85-90%
VOC Contents 35-85% VOC Contents 15-17%
Multiple Individual Combinations Combined Pre-Mix
Dilute forms of Combinations Purest form of Octoates
Excess solvent usage Less solvent usage
Variable pre-mix patterns Uniform Pattern for all Combinations
Variable error Reduce errors and number of variables (Tested on all platforms of Resins)
Inconsistent performance Consistent & Precise performance
Variable performance and quality Improve performance by quality
Uses Lead No Lead content
Replace lead by Strontium or Zirconium 100% Eco-friendly process (Zero substitution)